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My Journey

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Hi, I'm Lisa,

I'm a certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer and a Corrective Exercise Specialist.

For years I fought a belief that I didn't have the time, the energy or the money to focus on healthy living.  Today, I  live a balanced lifestyle that fits with all the demands of real life!

So let's back up a bit.....


My Dad was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes before I was born, so there was a strong focus on balanced healthy meals. When I was young, we grew many of our own vegetables, raised our own chickens for cooking and for their eggs and made our own bread but by the time I was a teenager things were very different. Many of our meals then, were processed and largely out of a box or a can. It seemed we went from one extreme to the other. 

Throughout my 20’s I worked in a gym as a personal trainer, battled bulimia, and struggled with an addiction to  sugar.  I survived a battle with cervical cancer and by  30, I was a single mom.

The moment I gave birth to my son, my life changed. I knew my purpose moving forward was to give him a healthy start and teach him healthy lifestyle habits. Being a single mom wasn't easy. Juggling long work hours,  and a other demands that go into parenting wasn't easy but I was determined to give him the best chance I could. I started growing my own vegetables and making my own baby food. I found ways for us to have fun, play and get exercise without me going to a gym and without allowing him to indulge in excessive TV and video games.

Today we both love to keep busy, be active and eat REAL food! Balancing my lifestyle, my eating habits, my exercise mantra, and my overall mindset has brought me to where I am today. I lost my Dad in 2019 at 81. He beat the odds and surprised so many doctors who thought he would only live to be 35. His attitude towards life, and drive to keep moving was an inspiration to so many, especially me.


One of the last things he said to me was “Daughter, just keep doing what you are doing. Keep being healthy!” I intend to do just that, and I hope that my knowledge, experience, education and inner drive to help others, will enable me to lead others who are seeking a path to a healthier balanced lifestyle.

 I truly believe that "you don't find balance, you create it!"


Building New Habits

Bringing New Knowledge

Balancing a New Lifestyle

Lisa Sundaram, CHC, CPT, CES


Las Vegas, NV

Contact me for a FREE 30-minute consultation!!
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