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Group Session Health Coaching

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One-time group workshops 


These workshops can be 1-3 hours in length and include a brief understanding of nutrition, ideas on how to incorporate exercise into your "day to day" and some simple ways to make small changes that will have a big impact on your life and your health!  They are fun, educational and inspirational!! *** TOPICS CAN BE CUSTOMIZED***

1 - 6 month group sessions:


  • We will focus on a specific goal chosen by the group (for example: weight loss, healthy eating habits, healthier eating for your kids, or disease prevention)

  • Each week we will meet for 60 minutes either in person or via ZOOM depending on your locations and preference.

  • I will give you activities to do on your own each week as well as handouts to download and print for future reference. 

  • We will learn new recipes and ways to revise our "old faithfuls".

  • Together we will celebrate your successes and discuss your challenges. I will give you tools to use to avoid these challenges in the future.

  • These sessions will be fun, supportive, educational and motivating!

  • I will check in with the group throughout the week via group text or email to offer additional support and to answer any questions that may arise between our meetings.

  • Being accountable to a group is not only motivating but very empowering!!

Together, we will make changes and get “LEAN” following Dr. Sears 4 pillars of health!


L – Lifestyle “How you live”

E – Exercise “How you move”

A – Attitude “How you think”

N – Nutrition “How you eat”

                                   Dr. William Sears

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