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This was my first time ever working with a health coach! Lisa delivered much more than the information provided in the course. I felt encouraged to make small immediate changes and being able to connect with her and other group members was empowering while holding me accountable to make better health decisions long term. Lisa has a wealth of knowledge and expertise! Throughout the course I never felt overwhelmed by unrealistic expectations or unattainable goals. I’m looking forward to working with her again either in a group setting or 1 to 1.


Diane M.

Lisa has an amazing level of positive energy.   She brings a special level of expertise and sincerity that you will find refreshing.   I highly recommend her! 


Alexis Y.

After my first course with Lisa, I now understand the benefits of having a health coach. My experience in one week led me to stay focused on positive changes that are realistic for my current lifestyle. She makes you aware of how a balanced life and health conscious choices can directly affect your body and mind. I would recommend Lisa’s services for those wanting to make serious changes to improve their overall health. She’s genuine and cares about her clients, I’m looking forward to working with her again!


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