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VIP One-on-One "Health Coaching" 

Together at the Top

While working together 1 on 1,  we will define your goals and priorities and create a personalized action plan and a system to achieve those goals and make permanent changes. 

Each week will consist of one 45-60 minute in person or "ZOOM" session depending on your location and preference. We will review your weekly goals, your successes, and the challenges you've faced. 


We will discuss a new topic each week:


For example: the difference in fats, understanding carbohydrates, label reading, Omega's and Inflammation, behavior change.


I will give you activities and tools to help you create new and "healthy" habits, as well letting go of your “not so healthy” habits.


Throughout the week I will check in with you via text or email to give you encouragement and focus.


At the end of our time together you will be equipped with a new way of thinking, new ways of eating and an overall new perspective and confidence to live your best healthy balanced life!!!


Once you take that first step you can accomplish anything!!!




 Together we will build the 4 pillars to a healthy lifestyle......


L – Lifestyle “How you live”

   E – Exercise “How you move”

  A – Attitude “How you think”

 N – Nutrition “How you eat”

                                                                - Dr.William Sears

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